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The Root of Kitchen Routes

Kitchen Routes unites culinary enthusiasts and professionals with exciting locales and distinguished chefs as they discover culture and cuisine. 

Cuban Food
Amy Persons

Amy Persons

Amy was first smitten with Mexico as a college student while volunteering for children’s literacy in Talmulte, MX.  The sounds, colors, and flavors of this country continue to charm decades later. She has since set her sights on other places, embracing the delights of Cuba, Italy in collaboration with Luisa's Table, and Spain, with more to come. Amy has been a frequent contributor to King Arthur Baking Company publications, and various culinary themed blogs, as well as a recipe tester for Marilyn Tausend. She has catered events for the World Awareness Children’s Museum, assisted in the professional kitchens of Dancing Ewe Farm, and provides travel consultation and trip leading services to Bellissima Art Escapes and Avocados From Mexico. A former teacher, she holds a Masters of Science in Information Science and Policy from Rockefeller College

Kitchen Routes allows Amy to blend her love of research, cooking and travel with helping others to discover new experiences and make lifelong memories. 

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