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Why Vallarta, why now?

I first visited Mexico at a young age and despite never having left my country prior, immediately felt that I had come home. That feeling never left, and I continue to travel to Mexico to return to favorite places and discover new ones. For our Art of VallARTa trip it's fair to ask, why Vallarta, why now? Let's start with five key reasons.

Number One - The Mexican People

Those who have visited Mexico immediately note the hospitality of her people. The kindness and concern offered to visitors by Mexicans is known worldwide and is unmatched. Mexico's welcoming culture and spirit of service mean every gathering is a celebration, no matter how large or small. You can expect warm smiles, gracious service, excellent food, and a good chance music and dancing will make an appearance seemingly out of nowhere. Every day is a gift to be appreciated and celebrated.

Number Two - Local Charm and Culture

While modern conveniences abound in this safe city, the people of Vallarta (called patas saladas, or "salty paws") maintain the essence of their 3,000 year history. Traditional celebrations, dress, ceremonies, language, and food are honored in our modern time. Artists employ centuries old practices and pass them down to the current generation, as do cooks, farmers, dancers, all in the name of preserving Vallarta's rich history. Stroll the cobblestone streets in search of street tacos, walk the malecon by the sea to take in the impressive sculptures, and pause around 9 PM to see fireworks light up the bay.

Number Three - Natural Beauty

The light of Vallarta is unique and provides spectacular sunsets and dazzling sunlight that dances over the second largest bay in the world. The weather is mild and pleasant, as you are surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains. Flowers bloom, dolphins play, and a soft breeze carries you through the day.

Number Four - Food!

Mexican food is complex with rich flavors and textures. Fresh fruit, produce, and seafood abound and eating delicious meals that encourage well-being are everywhere. Mexican cuisine is highly regional, and the state of Jalisco offers some of the very best. We have Mexico to thank for the gift of chocolate, we certainly can't overlook that.

Number Five - Time for You

After a long period of staying home, staying safe at home, it's time to travel once again. We take care of every detail so you can focus on yourself. During our trip you will have time to explore new art forms and expressions, step away from the pace of daily life, and find peace in this sunny town by the Pacific Ocean. You will discover the richness of a culture that prides itself on its cuisine, history, art, and is eager to share these with you.

Bonus - New Amigos

A Kitchen Route tour brings people together, who often remain lifelong friends. Whether you enjoy one another's company on the trip and say farewell, or form new friendships that continue long after we say our goodbyes, you will have made wonderful memories with people who, like you, are ready to embrace new experiences. And since we are always planning new Routes, we may well travel together again.

What are your reasons to travel to Vallarta? We would love to hear from you.

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